We love Craft CMS

I’ve used many different content management systems over the years such as Drupal, Magento, and my absolute least favourite, WordPress. I could never find a platform that gave designers and front end developers freedom to build however they liked.

But then we discovered Craft CMS. It's beautiful, logical and most importantly, it doesn’t have any restrictions as far as the front end development is concerned. Not only that, the admin theme is incredibly easy to use and our clients love it.

Design and develop exactly what you need. Craft doesn’t make any assumptions about your content, or how it will be presented, so developers can spend their time building exactly what they need, rather than fighting with a pre-built theme.

Craft CMS website


Some of our favourite Craft CMS features

Craft is packed with features and because it has incredible support for plugin developers, it is highly extendable, so anything is possible.

These are the features that in our eyes, make it the king of the content management systems:

Twig Templating.

Twig is an open source templating engine for PHP. It’s logical and easy to use, and more notably, it’s very simple for front end developers like myself to pick up. Which in turn keeps control in the hands of our creatives. 

Custom Field Types.

It only adds the field and entry types that we actually need, so it’s as powerful as we need it to be without any wastage. 

Matrix fields - build in blocks.

Matrix fields make it easy to create and edit feature-rich pages. Content blocks with custom fields can be added and rearranged to build unique page experiences, enabling articles to feature clusters of imagery, video, case studies, tables and other bespoke content.


Image processing.

When content editors add images, the system will automatically duplicate and compress them for each screen size and resolution. Craft also has image editing features, such as cropping, meaning there’s no need to process images in Photoshop first.


Craft Commerce

Craft CMS has an e-commerce add-on. So all the same Craft features can be extended to include the sale of products, services, packages, events, subscriptions and other commerce items.

Looking for a beautifully designed website with all the benefits of Craft CMS or commerce?

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Todd Padwick