Our favourite plugins for Craft CMS

Developers and designers alike are quickly discovering the creative freedom that Craft CMS provides them while ensuring content editors have the most logical and beautiful management experience possible.

But I won’t ramble on about how much I love Craft CMS. I’ve already done that.

What I will do, however, as their plugin library seems to be growing exponentially, is provide a quick roundup (in no particular order) of our favourite add-ons:

FreeForm Pro


As far as we’re aware, Freeform pro is the most powerful form builder available for Craft CMS. Not only does it give content editors the ability to build their own forms, but it also has excellent CRM integrations.

We often give our clients the ability to build landing pages in the CMS so that they can target specific audiences. Within this, the plugin provides the building blocks to create bespoke lead conversion forms tailored to that particular audience. Freeform can also then be integrated with a CRM (Hubspot being our favourite), turning the website or application into a powerful lead generation tool for our clients business development team.

Gather Content


To keep project timelines efficient, once designs are signed-off, our clients need to begin creating content for their site before we’ve actually completed building the site itself.

Gather Content allows them to do this by providing a platform to add, edit and approve content in the same format the CMS will be structured.

The Gather Content integration for Craft CMS then allows us to dynamically migrate all this into the CMS once completed. Pretty smart eh?

Craft Grid


Those of you who are front end developers I'm sure, already love using CSS Grid... Well, Craft Grid gives drag and drop control for Content managers to create their own 'masonry-like' grid right in the CMS which then controls the grid on the front end.



At Function & Form, we’re obsessed with typography. The application of typography is arguably more science than art, however certain rules well established in print, are often overlooked in digital. Typogrify, however helps us address this by:

  • adding non-breaking spaces to fix widows
  • Hyphenating paragraph text
  • Wrapping capitalized text in spans so that we can apply drop caps where needed
  • Wrapping figures so that we can apply old style numerals where needed
  • Replacing three full stops with ellipsis'
  • And many more macro typographic features.

Expanded singles


Sometimes clients get confused when Craft CMS automatically groups static pages into the ‘singles’ tab. Expanded singles ungroups these so that they are clearly listed in the sidebar.

Typed Link Field


A slightly less known, but free alternative to the ‘Link It’ field. Provides the same useful choices within a single link field such as:

  • generic url,
  • A url from an entry, categories, users or asset
  • and other useful link options.

Advanced Image Field


Assign rules to asset fields, preventing content editors uploading images that are too small or too big. 

Feed me


Feed me is an easy way to migrate content from another CMS or RSS feed. We often use this to migrate articles from a previous site, or list external resources from a blogging platform like Medium or Hubspot.



SEOMatic comes standard in every one of our Craft CMS builds. Why? Because it is the most powerful and reliable SEO management plugin we’ve tested. It ensures that not only every meta tag is populated boosting search engine ranking, but it provides useful open graph previews which help our clients make sure that each page of their site looks beautiful on all social feeds.



This is an incredibly powerful add-on gives us the ability to cluster field types together into tables, blocks or in multiple-levels.
Be warned however, with great power, comes great responsibility. SuperTable, in combination with the Matrix field can become overly complex – if you feel the need for a ‘Matrix-within-Matrix’ solution, you should possibly consider a simpler solution first.

If you're looking to build your site or application in Craft CMS, get in touch. We'd love to help.

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Todd Padwick