Front End Developer

Craft beautiful, interactive experiences for clients all over the world

Required skills

Javascript  / Sass/Scss  / CSS  / HTML  / SEO  / VueJS  / NuxtJS  / GraphQL


Love building silky smooth, lightning-fast, interactive experiences and perfectly crafting them right down to the tiniest details? Then this might just be the role you've always been searching for.

Function & Form is a small boutique agency with a creative-led approach. We blur the line between design and development, encouraging our developers to have the creative freedom to experiment, learn and play. Why? Because we believe the best websites are born from designers and developers who learn from each other and aren't afraid of a little skill overlap.

In this role, we'll encourage you to learn core design skills such as typography, creating unforgettable user experiences and key interactive principles. And we'll also push you (in a friendly way!) to share your development expertise with your fellow designers. Not only will this help you to better translate static design files into something real, but it'll also help our designers to create systems that really work.

You must:

  • Be onboard with our values
  • Be open to learning new skills and methods
  • Be confident communicating with clients and follow team members
  • Be able to step back and see the whole project to understand how best to distribute your time
  • Be able to both learn and teach
  • Be a keen collaborator
  • Be logical and able to write human-friendly code
  • Be curious and look for inspiration in everything

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