The intelligence layer for customer service teams

The brief

Ultimate.ai, is a deep learning technology designed to integrate with contact centre CRM's. By learning from historical chat and email communication data, it provides automated responses to customers and provides response suggestions to customer support agents. Already used by some of the worlds largest companies such as Posti, Finnair and SAP, Ultimate.ai had already proven it's ability to transform the customer service industry. However, at a point where they were growing their sales team to expand further into the enterprise market, their brand and marketing website was holding them back...

The Result

Brand exploration

With very little to work with, our first task was to dissect Ultimate​.ai values and vision. After an extensive branding workshop with the client, we put pen to paper and began exploring potential visual identities.

The final identity

Although the client loved all of our presented routes, there was a clear winner: We discovered early on that their software was built on three key pillars: Automation, Augmentation and Analysis. And one route, in particular, demonstrated these best using three dots and three colours. Its unique simplicity gave it strength, versatility and longevity that resulted in a unanimous vote.

The website

Our goal for the website was to demonstrate Ultimate.ai’s enterprise capability without sacrificing their unique personality and charm.

Packed with product demos and animation, along with a clean, minimal look, the website demonstrates Ultimate.ai's powerful service in a refreshingly simple format.


With such a strong brand heavily orientated around simple, geometric shapes, we decided to create a set of bespoke geometric icons representing Ultimate.ai’s product and services.

The client wanted to have full control to create their own landing pages as often as they like. So, we built them an extensive landing page builder, with a suite of content blocks which they can add, re-arrange and edit as they choose.

And of course, the site looks great on mobile devices, too.

Ultimate​.ai is transforming an entire industry. We were drawn to this kind of ambition and teaming up with them didn’t disappoint. We’ve loved every minute working with them and we’re honoured that we’ll be continuing to do so for the foreseeable future on new and exciting projects.