Darwin City Airport

Helping people arrive on time

The brief

In partnership with Australian based web agency, Captovate, we were asked to design a new experience for Darwin Airport. The key goal for this project was to help travellers find crucial information as easily as possible so that they could be better prepared for their journey.

As the majority of all users of the site were on mobile devices, smaller screens were to be our priority over desktop sizes. Months of research and analysis took place, including a huge amount of time spent exploring the Airport location.

This helped us really understand what aspects of the experience currently caused flyers the most stress. It seemed that one of the most troublesome aspects was the journey to and from the airport itself. Visitors had trouble finding directions and also knowing which carparks to go to. So this would become a key part of our solution.

Another aspect was that flyers often make the mistake of seeking information that is provided by the airlines, not the airport. So it would be important to help point them in the right direction when this occurs.

The Result

We packed the website with clever wayfinding tools such as the help centre. This expandable module provides links to popular topics, a quick search feature and frequently asked questions.

After our research, we decided to champion scrolling over breaking up content on different pages. Subtopics are split into sections with anchors, the nav bar for which sticks to the top of the page.

An extensive suite of UI components

We wanted to make sure all potential content types were covered. So we created a collection of components that content managers could choose from when presenting new information.

We created oversized modules designed to direct users looking for airline information, to the correct company. This helped ensure they weren't left stranded or their queries unanswered.

What impressed me most about Todd (Founder), is how he treats UX not as a single phase, but as a constant focus that is core to every phase of the project. Ramon Vincent, Digital Strategist, Captovate

It was incredibly rewarding to work with a client who understood the value of planning and strategy. To spend such an intensive period researching Airport wayfinding was a lot of fun and ultimately paid off.