Simple, intuitive fleet tracking

The brief

MTData is one of the world's most sophisticated GPS fleet tracking systems. They cater to taxi transportation and logistics management across every continent, servicing brands such as Toll, Transdev and Aldi.

However, despite it being one of the most advanced systems available, the user interfaces for their products were complicated, unintuitive and therefore for many users, intimidating. That’s why they contacted Function & Form - to redesign all their products, including apps for drivers, dispatch and management, consumers and telephone booking operatives, to develop consistent and intuitive UI. Our primary goal was to achieve ‘zero training required’.

The Result

Web Tel Op was the first product we designed and built for MTData.

Taxi Call Centre Operating System

Our research suggested that there was a high turnover of taxi call centre operators using the platform; so training operators would be uneconomical. In response we made sure each section of the booking protocol was compartmentalised into modules and clearly labelled. This allowed for the more complex features to be collapsible or contextualised so that they aren’t distracting.

Fleet Tracking Product UI Kit

After launching the first few products, we developed a complete MTData app UI kit using the date we had collected. These could then be used for all future apps enforcing consistency and speeding up the process of developing new MVPs.

The UI kit introduced new features such as themes; depending on preference, users can now toggle between light, dark or high contrast appearances. In-vehicle apps also switch between themes based on the environment lighting.

I trust their creativeness and value their strategies. Very professional and responsive....I look forward to working on many more projects with them. Linda Foschini, Marketing Manager

To have had the opportunity to completely re-design an entire suite of products was an incredibly rewarding experience. It allowed us to perfect every single component while working closely with the incredibly talented MTData team.