Timber Market

Transforming felled trees into precious timber

The brief

When the founder of Timber Market approached us with his story, we were very keen to get involved:

Having been directly involved in the timber trade himself, he became aware of a huge problem in the industry; when tree surgeons fell trees for development, agriculture or other various reasons, more often than not, the resulting timber gets thrown straight into a wood chipper. Huge 100 year old trees are often wasted. The reason being is that there lacked any kind of connection between tree surgeons, saw mills and other necessary timber service providers.

So he decided to build a platform that connects all members of the timber supply chain right through to artisans and craftspeople. Not only that, the marketplace allows other types of users to post trees that need to be felled, allowing them to estimate their value and potentially make a profit on its removal.

We created a complete brand identity for the Timber Market, a holding page which helped gain initial traction and helped him build the web app itself.

The Result

The landing page was designed to romanticise the concept, making people feel the same way we did when we first learnt about the problem. Using friendly, short copy paired with bright illustrations, we gave the user a narrative, urging them to join the marketplace.


Using an iPad Pro, our illustrator crafted a series of illustrations which helped tell the story and give the brand a friendly and approachable feel.

The client needed a channel to broadcast updates, showcase insights and promote industry expertise. So we created a visually engaging blog to promote this kind of engagement.

The platform is still currently in production, however, we have launched the marketing site which urges the community to register their interest.