Sustained success with Growth Partnerships

Before starting Function & Form, I experienced a common issue when working at various agencies – websites launched but left to fade, losing engagement and growth. Ongoing support lacked proactivity, neglecting content quality and brand cohesion. With Function & Form, I aimed to change this starting by managing expectations:

Todd Padwick – Creative Director at Function & Form
Launching a new website may be a significant milestone, but sustained success hinges on the care and dedication that follows.

Todd PadwickCreative Director

If you're considering rebuilding your website, it's important to recognise that while launching a new site may be a significant milestone, sustained success hinges on the care and dedication that follows. Here's why:

  • Projects are based on hypothesis. Post-launch work is data-driven and adaptive.
  • A stagnant site loses relevance in today's fast-paced digital world.
  • While a flexible CMS is great, quality content still needs direction. After all, your website is only as good as what you publish to it.
  • Attempting too much in one go fragments progress and can spiral out of hand.

At Function & Form, I've enhanced client success by treating the initial project as a foundation, emphasizing the focus on incremental growth post-launch. The first launch should be minimal but strategically sound and of the highest quality. By establishing retainer agreements, enabling proactive weekly recommendations and fostering a closer partnership, we nurture constant and tangible progress. However, the expectation of a project-based approach can make this a new concept to some. So here is a breakdown of our growth partnership offering and how it works:

What is a growth partnership?

Growth partnership vs Project-by-project – Function & FormGrowth partnership vs Project-by-project – Function & Form

In a growth partnership, we share common goals and become an extension of your team through a retainer. This means open communication and collaboration. By staying connected, we understand your business better and offer timely recommendations for improvement. With a retainer, small tasks get attention without the hassle of long scoping and quoting processes.

What services are included in your growth partnership?

You decide which services are essential and what we prioritize monthly. Most clients go for two to five days per month, mixing these services:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): We enhance your content and make tech tweaks, keeping up with the latest in search engine best practices.
  2. Graphic Design Support: From social media banners to blog visuals, we help with all your marketing material.
  3. Creative Direction: I'll be your brand ambassador, ensuring your in-house creative efforts align perfectly with your brand and website.
  4. Copywriting: We maintain a consistent tone of voice across all your content.
  5. Conversion Rate Optimization: By analyzing user data and running tests, we suggest small tweaks to enhance your website's user experience.

How will we manage your growth partnership?

In our growth partnership, you're in control. We use Asana™, a Kanban-based project management tool, to collaborate and manage tasks. Here's how it works:

  1. We suggest growth opportunities.
  2. We chat about complex tasks and new features.
  3. You feedback on our work in progress.
  4. You prioritize our tasks based on monthly goals and time estimates.
Growth partnership kanban board with Function & FormGrowth partnership kanban board with Function & Form

An example of an active growth partnership kanban board

How to get the most out of your Growth Partnership?

Success online thrives on alignment and collaboration. Here's how you can maximize our partnership:

  • Top-Down Budgeting: Cutting corners on creative or hesitating to use our partnership due to budget concerns can hinder success. Allocate your Growth Partnership budget from the top down to encourage all departments to utilize our services without impacting their own.
  • Department-Wide Collaboration: Online success involves more than just marketing. We work with Sales, Product, Marketing, and Customer Service to ensure brand consistency. Empower all departments with our resources for complete alignment.
  • Embrace the Partnership: We're here for you every step of the way. Whether you have a quick question or need help with a new strategy, we're responsive and ready to assist. Embrace our partnership and make the most of our expertise.

What our clients think

Thanks so much for all the amazing work you've put into our project. The new brand and website look fabulous! We are blown away by the breadth of the work you've been able to support us on and the exceptional quality you've delivered every time.

Sarah Al-Hussaini – COO at Ultimate AI™

Todd has demonstrated both technical competence as well as a true understanding of, and commitment to, our requirements and objectives.

David Christensen – Marketing Director at Advatek™

Todd is honest and knowledgeable when undertaking a new project or trying to figure out how best to design certain parts of our site. We really value his insight and expertise.

Emma Corbett – Marketing at CoolPlanet™

We couldn't have hoped for a better experience with Function and Form. Endlessly creative, pacey and reliable. They were huge fun too! We got the outcome we needed – and more – and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Hattie Crosthwaite Eyre – CEO at Positive Group™