In partnership with Australian web agency, Captovate, we were asked to design a new web experience for Darwin Airport. The goal for this project was to help travellers find crucial information as easily as possible, so they would be better prepared for their journey.

As the majority of all users were on mobile devices, designing for smaller screens became the priority. Months of research and analysis took place, including a huge amount of time at the airport, getting under the skin of what passengers want, need and expect from the airport's site.

This on the ground research helped us to really understand what aspects of the experience caused flyers the most stress. It seemed that one of the most problematic aspects was the journey to and from the airport itself. Visitors had trouble finding directions and also knowing which carparks to go to. So, this became a key part of our solution.

Another issue was that passengers often made the mistake of seeking information from the airline, not Darwin Airport. So better signposting was clearly needed to ensure this didn't keep happening.