When the founder of Timber Market approached us with his compelling proposition, we knew we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get involved.

Having worked in the timber trade himself, he had become aware of a huge problem in the industry. When tree surgeons fell trees, more often than not the resulting timber gets thrown straight into a wood chipper. Which means sizeable, ancient trees are being wasted purely due to a lack of connection between tree surgeons, saw mills and other necessary timber service providers.

His response was to build a platform to connect all members of the timber supply chain from artisans and craftspeople, right through to tree surgeons. The marketplace feature on the site would even allow users to post trees that need to be felled, allowing tradespeople to estimate their value and potentially make a profit on removal.

It was an incredible idea, and one that deserved a look and feel to help it get noticed. And that's where Function & Form came in. We created a complete brand identity for the Timber Market, starting with a holding page to generate initial interest and traction while we helped him to build the web app itself.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of funding, we were unable to continue working with Timber Market. The website is no longer maintained by Function & Form and has since fallen into a state of disrepair.