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Banneya How do you realize fine jewellery, your way?

Branding / Web design / Ecommerce

We love businesses that innovate, so we were honoured when fine jewellers Banneya London approached us to create a uniquely interactive online experience for their clients. Banneya tasked us to bring life to their ethos of ‘fine jewellery, your way,’ encouraging and supporting clients to customise pieces to reflect their own story.

To accomplish this, we put customisation at the very heart of the website, making sure it worked brilliantly for mobile users and creating an experience that is rich and rewarding.

Banneya’s jewellery is high-end, so it was important to reflect both its quality and exclusivity. One of the ways we did this was to include in-depth profiles of Banneya’s designers; bringing their designs to life by highlighting their international reputations. The profiles not only gave the designers credibility and raised their status, they also served to give customers confidence in the collaborative process and the designers’ ability to create truly individual and meaningful pieces of bespoke jewellery.

London, UK / 2017

Make it your own, with Immersive product customisation

Banneya Product Customiser Desktop

Configurable products without distraction

The customiser was the most important aspect of this project. To make the most of the feature, we designed it to feel self-contained. This is why it's revealed like an overlay, to minimise distraction and enable a full-screen experience.

Banneya Product Customiser Mobile

Mobile first

Because users are likely to browse on their phones, we made sure that no sacrifices were made on smaller screens. To do this, we broke down the customisation steps and added ​‘next' and 'previous’ buttons for navigation.

Banneya Products Desktop

Filterable Product listing page

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