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Continental Clothing How do you promote ethical fashion for new clothing brand?

Continental Clothing is a wholesaler that prides itself on quality and sustainability. One of the largest manufacturers in Europe, Continental Clothing supplies garments to hundreds of brands who then sell the items under their own names. Continental Clothing is well known as a pioneer in sustainable, ethical and fair fashion. And with a greater focus than ever before on where our clothes come from, the company were seeing an increase in interest in their sustainable pieces, not to mention demand from individuals wanting to make purchases. Sensing an opportunity, they decided to expand their offering by investing in a new brand and Shopify website, that will, for the first time in their 25 years of operation, enable consumers to purchase clothing directly. Enter Function & Form. We were tasked with creating a new brand to fully reflect their belief in 'fashion for the people, the planet and the future', as well as a new Shopify e-commerce website for a seamless shopping experience.

London, UK / 2023

At a glance


Brand identity designed to reflect their planet positive ethos

Nuxt JS progressive web app for a beautifully seamless browsing experience

Shopify Integrated ecommerce for simple order and product management

Sanity integration for flexible content management

A brand the embodies better values

Of the Future Logo Exploration by Function & Form

Logo Exploration

We started by developing a new logo to visually embody their ethos: 'fashion that has a positive effect on our future, for generations to come'.

Of the Future Logo selection by Function & FOrm

Logo Shortlist

After presenting a selection of logo icons, we worked with Continental Clothing to whittle down a shortlist of preferred options. We then got to work developing these with potential wordmarks.

And the winner is...

Of the Future Logo by Function & Form

The final logo

There were many promising logos developed during the creative process, but there was one that clearly stood out as the best vehicle for the client's message. What was particularly effective about the chosen logo was the icon and type were strong enough to be used both individually, and as a lock-up.

A simple shopping experience

Of the Future Product Listing Desktop

A Shopify and Sanity ecommerce site

We opted to use Shopify because of its simplicity of use. We also wanted to cut down on the administrative work our client would need to do so as to reserve their time for their wholesale operation – the website for which is a highly bespoke build we worked with them on in 2017.

Of the Future product filtering Mobile

Intuitive product filtering on the go

One of the big selling points of Continental Clothing's garments is the huge variety of colour options. To show this off, we built an easily accessible, mobile optimised colour filtering feature on the product listing page.

Of the Future Product Page


We wanted it to be as quick and easy as possible to add items to cart. So we collapsed the product information into a draggable window that was easily accessed, but out of the way, drawing the buyer's focus to the product photos, variant selection and 'add to cart' button.

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