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MTData How to you facilitate simple, intuitive fleet tracking, worldwide?

User Experience / Branding

MTData is one of the world's most sophisticated GPS fleet tracking systems. They service taxi transportation and logistics management companies across every continent, catering to big brands including Toll, Transdev, and Aldi.

Despite being one of the most advanced systems in the industry, the interfaces for their products were complicated and unintuitive, and therefore, for many users, intimidating. That’s why they contacted Function & Form — they tasked us with redesigning all their products to provide a seamless user experience for everyone, from their drivers and dispatch and management teams to consumers and telephone booking operatives.

Melbourne, Australia / 2016

Solution at a glance


redesign of in-cab Driver App used by trucking and Taxi fleets all over the world

Product UI kit used by MTDatas entire Suite of products

Telephone operator Desktop Application used by Taxi fleet call centres worldwide

Trucking Fleet Management operator Application used by Fleets worldwide

Revamping the worlds most trusted Taxi fleet App

Taxi Driver App

The first product we redesigned was their in-vehicle tablet and mobile app for drivers. Used by taxi drivers globally, it was crucial we delivered a slick, user-friendly app that enhanced efficiency.

More than just colour

A safe and easy to use in-vehicle experience was imperative. So we designed MTData's new interfaces in a dark colour palette to prevent glare while driving. Primary tones were also selected as they evoke a feeling of trust and approachability.

Bespoke Icons

We used simple iconography in a larger size to foster a feeling of friendliness and to ensure users who are less technically savvy weren't intimidated by the changes.

I trust their creativeness and value their strategies. Very professional and responsive... I look forward to working on many more projects with them.

Linda Foschini – Marketing Director at MTData™

MTData Taxi Driver App Meter Mobile


Large tappable buttons were used in popup modules to ensure drivers can comfortably, and safely, respond to messages and job requests as efficiently as possible.

MTData Taxi Driver App New job

Call centre ops that reduces training time

Tel Ops Evolution

We make sure we put the research in whenever we're making changes to a site. In this case, we learnt that there was a high turnover of taxi call centre operators using the platform, and as a result training operators on the new interfaces would be uneconomical. But rather than ignore the issue, we came up with a targeted response. By making sure each section of the booking protocol was compartmentalised into modules and clearly labelled, it allows for more complex features to be collapsible or contextualised so that they're never distracting.

Contextualised modules

Expanding data and functionality means that the UI is incredibly intuitive and fast to use, while ensuring advanced features are still easily accessible.

Intuitive learning

Call centres are known for having high staff turnover. So we knew we wanted to create an operating system that was simple and straightforward to use, with an interface that could be understood with minimal or no training, thus saving on time and money.

Rearrangeable components

To ensure the system could be used for as many products as possible, we provided multiple modules which are flexible and can be added to any configuration.

Following great success, we overhauled their entire suite

MTData UI Boilerplate

Product UI Kit

After launching the first few products, we developed a complete MTData app UI kit using the data we had collected. This can then be used for all future apps to enforce consistency and speed up the process of developing new MVPs.

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