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Take back control of your website

We are a London based, web design agency, and for our clients, control to manage their websites themselves is critical to the momentum of their business. This is where a Content Management System (CMS) comes in.

A CMS is a piece of software that enables you to create, modify, organise and publish content, without any technical expertise. Developers can then control how this content is displayed whether it be on a website, app or any digital platform.

There are many content management systems on the market, such as Wordpress, Drupal, Craft CMS, , Strapi and Magento and choosing which one depends on your unique requirements and business needs.

A good CMS should enable us (the developers) to empower you and your team with complete control and flexibility to manage the day-to-day content production of your website yourselves.

Which type of CMS should you choose?

There are two main types of CMS on the market today and choosing which depends on your unique goals and budget

Traditional Craft CMS server side rendering, Function & Form


A traditional CMS is one which is an all in one website publishing tool. It will not only handle the content management of the site, but it will also render the website templated webpages as well. This makes things a little more straightforward, suitable for some small self-contained projects. But there are some limitations, and is also an approach which web developers are shifting away from.

Headless Sanity CMS and GROQ Query, Function & Form


A headless CMS is a relatively new term for a CMS that is completely de-coupled from wherever the content is published to. This kind of CMS exposes it's content via an API, as Json data, so that it can be used anywhere, creating infinitely more flexibility and control. It also means that the development and maintenance of the CMS (which we can refer to as the back-end) can be managed in parallel with the development of the website or app (front end). Some examples of this type of CMS are, Sanity, Strapi and GraphCMS.

The site Function and Form built for us is beautiful, clean, easy to navigate and helps us to communicate the message of Risky by Design visually. It’s also great that the site sits on an easy CMS we can update ourselves, but we know the support is there if we need it.

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