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Advatek How do you sell products to both businesses and consumers online?

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Look behind some of the world’s best-known and most spectacular shows, installations, exhibitions and events, and the chances are you’ll find an Advatek product driving the magic. Renowned for their reliable, well-built LED controllers, Advatek's flagship products are the high-end choice for professional lighting production companies worldwide. But what many people didn't know was they also sell economy products to hobbyists and home installers.

So the problem Advatek faced was: how do you introduce a range of secondary economy products to a new audience, without compromising their relationship with their professional customers? This was where Function & Form came in. Our task was to design and build a new ecommerce website which catered to both markets and gain worldwide brand awareness. / Melbourne, Australia / 2023

Our Solution at a glance


NuxtJS™ Website for a beautifully dynamic and highly performant browsing experience

Sanity™ CMS which has the flexibility to adapt to Advatek's growth

BigCommerce™ integrated checkout for trusted and reliable B2C ecommerce

NetSuite™ integrated Quote request form to manage and track inbound B2B sales

From Mundane to Memorable: Infusing Products with a Touch of Wow Factor

Advatek T8-S dark mode

3D animated visuals bring flagship products to life and demonstrating their quality and robust construction.

Advatek Megamenu dark

A supersized megamenu, which puts the focus on Advatek's flagship products while still allowing easy access to secondary products, resources and articles.

Advatek product tiles designed by Function & Form

An experience which charms both Businesses and Consumers alike

Advatek Request a quote form dark mode

Business customers gain tailored pricing by adding flagship products 'to quote'. These order forms are then passed to Advatek's NetSuite™ ERP, enabling their sales team to engage and upsell.

Advatek subsidiary product listing and add to cart dark mode

Consumer customers purchasing secondary-tier products are presented with a traditional checkout flow, powered by BigCommerce™. This enabled Advatek to focus on business customers while maintaining a steady revenue stream from home enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Unforgetable and Packed with Thoughtful Features

Advatek A4-S dark and light mode

Light and dark modes tailor the user's experience to their colour scheme preferences. Given that Advatek's primary audience is tech professionals, providing this customisation is much welcomed.

Advatek search darkmode

Super fast, global search enhances the experience for returning customers. As you type, it quickly fills the screen with relevant results, ensuring you find what you're after in no time.

Todd has demonstrated both technical competence as well as a true understanding of, and commitment to, our requirements and objectives.

David Christensen – Marketing Director at Advatek™

Advatek promo layouts

Adaptive promotional tiles created in the CMS, are automatically resized and distributed across the website. These banners are used to cross-sell various products or tools throughout the user's browsing journey.

Advatek dealers darkmode

An interactive dealer map conveniently clusters results by continent. Ideal for business customers seeking distributors to serve diverse markets.

Beautiful marketing asset production

Advatek blog heroe illustrations by Function & Form

Blog Hero Graphics were designed to work in multiple formats on the website and when shared on social media.

Advatek ShowTime™ software visual

Software mockups were created to promote Advatek's SaaS product. Advatek were so happy with these, that they have since asked us to re-design the software itself, to match the same level of quality and care we put into the marketing visuals.

The perfect use case for Composable Commerce

Advatek Sanity CMS dark mode

Sanity™ provides us with the tools to empower Advatek, offering an array of content blocks to construct extensive, engaging pages. By choosing a headless CMS, Sanity enables Advatek to operate on Cloud-based interchangeable microservices, supporting flexible growth and ensuring a future-proofed infrastructure. This approach is commonly referred to as composable.

Advatek Sanity CMS BigCommerce purchasable Dark mode

BigCommerce™ is used to power product management and checkout. BigCommerce 'Purchasables' are synced into Sanity CMS, enabling Advatek to convert marketing-only product pages, to transactional ones as and when they desire.

Industry-leading performance


drop in page load time since going live

increase in organic search traffic

score for best practices

Increase in returning traffic

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