Teoxane Treatments Assessment Mobile

Teoxane How do you convey a personal touch in cosmetic treatment?

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Teoxane Laboratories is a Swiss company specialising in hyaluronic acid-based dermal fillers and skincare. Our fantastic partners, Gramafilm™, were consulted to create an out-of-home campaign demonstrating Teoxane's unique focus on personalised treatments and the robust science behind their state-of-the-art technology.

They required a digital counterpart to the campaign which further promoted their tailored treatments and helped visitors find the right dermal filler practitioners for their unique needs.

Our task, therefore, was to create a powerful and engaging online assessment, which collected information from the user for marketing purposes, personalized their experience, and provided a treatment plan and practitioner list.

teoxanetreatments.co.uk / Geneva, Switzerland / 2021

Our Solution at a glance


NuxtJS™ microsite for a beautifully, high performing interactive experience

Craft CMS™ for assessment steps and content autonomy

API integration with Teoxanes Practioner management software

Conversion Rate Optimisation for granular A+B testing

The perfect digital counterpart to a striking outdoor ad campaign

Out-of-home campaign, Orchestrated by Gramafilm™, was seen all over the UK. The call-to-action directed its audience to a dedicated website — where we came in.

Personalisation every step of the way

Teoxane Treatments Assessment Steps Desktop

Assessment steps needed to be as engaging as possible. So it was goodbye to dull forms, and hello to a full-screen immersive experience, designed to guide the user through each and every step.

An algorithm creates a profile of the user, as they progress, which is used to display more relevant model photography through attributes such as age, gender and race. The result made the user feel seen, better understood and more likely to convert.

Teoxane Assessment Craft CMS

Configuration control with Craft CMS™ enables Teoxane to change or amend assessment steps. They can even select which treatments are returned in results for each user response.

Function & Form were fantastic to work with and always ensured that we were kept in the loop with our site development, and offered advice and support throughout the entire process. I would thoroughly recommend to anyone looking to create or develop their online presence.

Charley Clewley – Marketing Coordinator at Teoxane™

Not just a pretty face: Value proposition backed by science

Teoxane FAQs Desktop

A knowledge Centre was curated and packed with video guides from doctors and consultants to back their claims with science.

We hired Function & Form to build a bespoke consumer-facing platform for our client, Teoxane. Todd was An absolute pleasure to work with and made the whole process as smooth and efficient as possible... He helped guide me with process and decision-making the whole way, resulting in a really impactful end product.

Nicki Riley – Client Services at Gramafilm™

Teoxane Campaign Stories Desktop

Campaign Stories present a series of hero infuencers, marketed on social media, out-of-home advertising and search. Landing pages for each, present these with rich video and interactivity for ultimate engagement.

Teoxane Science Page Desktop

An immersive science page designed to educate and demonstrate value, was packed with CGI, animating as you scroll through the narrative.

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