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Positive Group How do you pave a brighter path to organisational wellbeing?

Positive Group is a London-based company, dedicated to the improvement of health, wellbeing and performance of individuals and organisations through applied psychology and neuroscience.

Their team of highly experienced psychologists has been helping some of the largest organisations across the world such as GSK, Amgen, NHS and HSBC to improve their culture and wellbeing. But despite being experts in their field, their online presence was holding them back. As they moved towards offering a more structured set of solutions and the introduction of their second division — education, we were brought in to work alongside the wonderful team at Imagist London, who had been creating their printed brand collateral for many years.

Our challenge was to create a new website that segmented their two focuses, education and business, as well as create clear user journeys towards each of their four solutions — Positive Now, Positive Talks, Positive Leaders and Positive Insights.

positivegroup.org / London, UK / 2021

Our Solution at a glance


NuxtJS™ progressive web app for a super slick, delightful browsing experience

Craft CMS™ for API-driven content hosting and control

Creative Direction of illustration and graphics

Hubspot™ integrated forms for lead generation

Cool, Calm and collected

Positive Group Education and Business Desktop

Audience segmentation to separate their Education clients – a very different audience than the Amgen's and GSKs of their business division. A subsite was created for each, powered by the same framework and CMS.

Positive Group Division theming by Function & Form

Theming is used to create a distinctive yet familiar feel to both subsites. A colour variation was established while keeping core brand elements the same.

We couldn't have hoped for a better experience with Function and Form. Endlessly creative, pacey and reliable. They were huge fun too! We got the outcome we needed – and more – and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

Hattie Crosthwaite Eyre – CEO at Positive Group™

Wonderfully refreshing in every way

Positive Group Illustrations

Unique illustrations pepper the site, creative directed by Function & Form, and executed by our branding partners, Imagist™. These promoted a feeling of calm while bringing Positive Group's core messages to life.

Streamlining Solutions

Positive Group Solutions transitioning desktop

A suite of sub brands helped to separate each of their core solutions. While each stands on its own as a brand, it was crucial they remained interconnected and provided a seamless user journey when browsing. Fluid transitions of colour and logos helped us to achieve this.

Positive Group Positive Now Desktop
Positive Group Form overlays desktop

Hubspot™ CRM integrated contact forms entice users to connect with beautiful form overlays.

A bright makeover for Product Mockups

Creative direction and marketing asset production helped simplify the SaaS product visuals for Positive Now and Positive Leaders. These stylised software previews, boil down their features to core USPs.

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