Risky By Design Reading and Case Study Experience Desktop

5Rights Foundation How do you increase awareness of child safety risks online?

5Rights Foundation is an NGO with an admirable purpose: to make real and lasting changes to the digital world for children and young people. Their latest report, 'Risky By Design', was a series of case studies that sought to analyse the risks popular social networking platforms pose to young people. To generate buzz and get the necessary attention from key members of Government and the media, they decided it needed a special promotional push. And that's where we came in...

Working with our partners, David Weller and Michael Ainscough, we built a lightning-fast, interactive web application designed to give every user an insightful reading experience that they wouldn't forget in a hurry.

riskyby.design / London, UK / 2021

Our Solution at a glance


VueJS™ microsite for a seamless and beautiful reading experience

Craft CMS™ for flexible content autonomy

Delight in Detail

Risky By Design Case Study Desktop experience

Stacking case study snippets illustrate many of the key problems 5Rights endeavour to highlight when it comes to child safety online. A case study scroll mechanic, was introduced, with corresponding stacking cards. This solution was a simple but beautiful way to keep the focus on the visuals, all the while ensuring annotations couldn't be missed.

5Rights RiskyByDesign collapsing menu by Function & Form

Simple navigation was designed to remain accessible, so the user has easy access to different sections of the report. We added a number of smart features to this too such as auto-collapse on scroll and a helpful tool tip which only appeared once for every user on the first time they accessed the report.

Thought provoking and Poignant Risk Emphasis

Seamless browsing for ultimate engagement

Risky By Design Seamless Page changing experience
Risky By Design Reading Experience Mobile

Optimised experience on the go, catered to the majority of visitors likely to read on handheld devices. Following our usual principles, we ensured nothing was sacrificed, whatever the screen size.

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