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ProtoPixel How do you shine a spotlight on simplified lighting design?

ProtoPixel is the first lighting design software in the world to offer designers the tools to create advanced lighting experiences through an easy-to-use interface. They needed a new website to promote their software and highlight the experiential installations it makes possible.

Since they were relatively new at the time, with limited market saturation, our challenge was to reflect the emotional and exciting array of possibilities without having many real-world examples in doing so.

So we turned to abstract CGI concepts to achieve this, creating a memorable first impression.

After a few years, ProtoPixel pivoted to a more corporate route, away from the event, art and hospitality sectors. As the website no longer fit this move, we were tasked with building their latest website, which is far more functional and stripped back.

Barcelona, Spain / 2020

Solution at a glance


NuxtJS website for a beautiful and powerful browsing experience

Craft CMS for flexible and growing content autonomy

Setting the scene

Sketches of Protopixel marble run idea, by Function & Form


ProtoPixel came to us with the idea of the marble run, leading the user through a series of lighting experiences. So, we began sketching ways in which we could turn this idea into a reality.

ProtoPixel Deploy visual

Bringing the idea to life

The resulting visuals were seriously impactful. Full of colour, energy and vibrancy they successfully depicted the brand's playful nature and promoted the ease of use that was at the heart of the product design.

Custom vibrant iconography

Diving into the product

ProtoPixel Product page Desktop

Flexible landing pages

We provided the client with page builder functionality in the CMS so they'll always have the flexibility to build their landing pages as they choose. We also gave them templated blocks such as testimonials, showcase videos and annotated visuals, to enhance the site and give their customers a detailed and well-rounded view of this revolutionary product.

ProtoPixel Form Overlay Desktop

Form builder

We also gave ProtoPixel the ability to build form overlays that were hooked up with their CRM, Pipedrive. These form overlays needed to be just as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the site, so we presented them with the impactful imagery to fulfil the brief.

Use of animation for increased engagement

Simplified product visuals

To demonstrate the product's capabilities we needed a way to display aspects of the user interface without added complexity. To do this, we created many short looping animations depicting key aspects of the various applications.

Keeping explanation of features simple

We were very selective when picking the most important features to display and how to represent them. This one, for example, summarises a core feature of the Mobile app: Rules.

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