We are Sanity agency partners

What is Sanity CMS?What is Sanity CMS?

Sanity CMS is a new breed of headless CMS, which removes any preconceptions about how your content is used giving unparalleled flexibility and potential. Not sure what headless means? it essentially is the act of de-coupling your CMS from the front end of your website. For a more detailed explanation of this, I wrote a blog article about it here.

Instead of opting for content management systems that require your website to be built in a specific way, Sanity is a cloud-based CMS and becomes a component of 'Composable architecture'; a methodology which separates systems into individual cloud-based services, connected via APIs. By doing so, swapping out such services is simplified, without needing a ground-up rebuild.

What does our Sanity Partnership mean for you?

Sanity has been a game changer in our ability to build flexible and content-rich digital solutions engineered for long-term growth. So, becoming an agency partner was a crucial step for us in improving our service. This enables us to work closely with the Sanity product team and strategise the best approach to each client we onboard, streamlining our delivery.