Why choose a London-based web design agency?

Since we were founded in 2015, we’ve worked with clients across the globe; everywhere from Australia to the Americas. And time and time again, we’ve found organisations outside London turning down agencies in their own countries in favour of Function & Form – a bespoke London-based web design agency.

We’re proud to be multi-award winning, and are often listed on top London agency showcases, such as Design Rush and Creative Bloq. We know we’re a good pick — our work speaks for itself — but it still makes me wonder: are agencies in other countries falling short? Or is there something unique about the London agency scene that means more and more of our clients are willing to take on time differences of up to nine hours to work with us?

Here’s why we think so many London-based web design agencies have that little something extra about them:

London's multicultural scene inspires the best creative talent

With a population of over 8 million, Londoners speak over 300 languages and the city is home to more than 270 different nationalities. And all of this amazing multiculturalism exists in a more mixed social distribution than you might find in countries like America. The result is a cosmopolitan hub of culture, art and technology; a paradise for networking and self-development.

So, with inspiration on every corner, it’s little wonder that Londoners are continuously primed to create world-class creative work. According to AP Global Talent, London is the world capital for creative agencies, no longer trumped by New York whose influence has fluctuated over the years.

London gives growing web design agencies a competitive edge

It’s no secret that living in London is not cheap. But for many people, the expense of the city means you have to sink or swim which lights a fire under anyone wishing to live and succeed here. It’s a competitive place to be, and the benefit of this is a workforce who continually strive for better in order to survive — this applies to both individuals and agencies.

London has become a leading tech hub

According to UKTech News, ‘London is Europe’s leading tech hub. Globally, trumped only by Silicon Valley.’ As of 2021, the UK’s tech market was worth over 1 trillion dollars. Indeed, London has given birth to some of the world’s most successful technology startups such as Deliveroo, Revolut, Wise, Paddle and Monzo. And we can even claim the founding father of the web – Tim Berners-Lee as one of our own. With new companies continually pushing the boundaries of tech, London has the world’s best resources for budding developers levelling up their potential.

About Function & Form

We are a London-based web design agency.

As an award-winning, London-based web design agency, we know first hand the benefits of London-based web design. We work with a small, handpicked team of specialists from London's pool of world leading web designers, web developers and graphic designers to create high end, bespoke websites and digital first brands.

What services do we offer?

From our offices in London, we offer bespoke web design and development services, user experience design, ecommerce and online stores, branding and logo design, copywriting, digital marketing and SEO.

Which industries do we work in?

At Function & Form, we understand people and we thrive off challenges across different sectors. We’ve worked on projects in beauty and healthcare, fashion, finance and banking, charity and NGOs, psychology and wellbeing, engineering, AI, SaaS, sport and fitness, and transport and logistics.

What countries do we work with?

From our offices in London, we’ve worked with organisations all over the world, from the USA to .

What makes a successful bespoke website?

The best web design agencies invest time in strategy and development before anything tangible is created. That's why at Function & Form, we get to know your business, its audience and its competitors. This gives us the best foundation to deliver a bespoke website which achieves your acquisition, retention and engagement objectives.

What awards and recognition have we won?

Function & Form has won multiple awards and recognition, such as the Muse Platinum award, Design Rush ‘Best Web Design Agencies’, Creative Bloq ‘Best London-Based Web Design Agencies’ and the CSS Design award.