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Continental Clothing How do you unveil the workers who make our clothes?

Continental Clothing Co. is a long-standing advocate for safe and fair conditions for clothing manufacturers. It's why they created Made Fair, an initiative to connect the businesses and customers purchasing the garments with the people who made them.

Thanks to a previously successful partnership to overhaul their brand and website, they approached Function & Form again to work on the next phase in their plans — a mobile app tracking every garment's journey from fabric to fashion. With a QR code on each t-shirt, socially conscious consumers can now scan to learn more about the people behind their clothes. / London, UK / 2021

Solution at a glance


NuxtJS Web app for a mobile first interactive experience

Craft CMS™ API driven content hosting for product and workers

Bespoke illustration for icons and logo visual

QR code labels for garments, linked to each product timeline

Responsible and socially conscious

MadeFair Logo and iconography by Function & Form

The new brand was intentionally designed to separate from Continental Clothing, preventing the project from feeling like a marketing ploy. Made Fair isn't a charitable initiative, but we wanted its responsible, socially conscious ethos to anchor the content and create a feeling of trust with each consumer.

The people behind the clothing

Honest, unaltered photography ensures the depictions of the workers are genuine. So we helped direct a photoshoot of all the staff, carried out by a local photographer in Bangladesh.

The story behind the T-Shirt

MadeFair COR19 steps Desktop

On-the-go experience took precedence since we were confident the majority would be on a mobile device. So small screens taking priority, we gracefully scaled up to desktop-sized screens.

MadeFair Label

A QR code on every label takes the consumer to a unique experience on the site. As these clothes are wholesale, these labels do not conflict with the reseller's brand which they'll likely attach to the garments themselves.

Try it out yourself by scanning the QR code with your smartphone.

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